Property Damage and Injuries from Hurricane Michael

If you live in the Florida Panhandle or surrounding areas, you have dealt with a lot of hurricanes. Every year, it seems that at least one hurricane heads for the Panhandle area at one time of another during hurricane season. But Hurricane Michael was different. After seeing years’ of hurricanes pass through Florida, most people regarded Hurricane Michael as just one more. But Hurricane Michael was not “just one more.” No. Hurricane Michael was a devastating Category 4 hurricane with 150+mph winds.  It roared into the Panhandle like no other hurricane ever did, making the entire region a disaster area. The area will be feeling Hurricane Michael’s effects for many years. The images from the aftermath are simply chiling.

According to Scientific American, Hurricane Michael may have caused billions of dollars of property damage!! Heck, even Waffle House was damaged. Bay County, Florida was hit particularly hard. USA Today reports that FEMA says that Mexico Beach is unsafe and it will be a long time before residents can return.

If you are one of the people whose home or property was damaged by Hurricane Michael (or any hurricane for that matter), you are probably still reeling from the devastating effects of Hurricane Michael. Maybe you’ve returned home to find that your house has so much damage that you cannot live in it. Maybe your roof has blown off entirely or is leaking severely. Maybe your front door blew off, leaving you no way to secure yourself and your belongings. In any of these situations, we can help.

If you’ve ever actually read your homeowners insurance policy, cover-to-cover, you will easily see that most homeowners insurance policies have numerous exclusions and “GOTCHA” clauses. Homeowners insurance policies are often littered with legal jargon and special exclusions, extra charges and other unexpected (unpleasant) surprises that take homeowners off guard. For example, many homeowners insurance policies contain a special hurricane deductible that requires the homeowner to ante up much, much more than the usual deductible simply because the damage resulted from a hurricane. Sometimes these homeowners insurance deductibles run into the tens of thousands of dollars for higher-end homes because the deductible is based on a percentage (5%, 7% or more) of the value of the entire home. In other words, if you have a 5% hurricane deductible and your home is valued at $200,000, that means you pay the first $10,000 before your homeowners insurance pays a dime!

We can help you navigate the complexities of filing insurance claims with your homeowners’ insurance, to allow you time deal with the more immediate things, like finding shelter, food and other necessaries to ensure your family’s safety.

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